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Located in North Texas, Natalie Marie Organics began making soaps and creams in 2015. Unhappy with the quality and chemicals in other soaps and creams, we wanted to make something healthier and more natural for the skin as well as being environmentally friendly to our planet. Natalie Marie Organics was built from a desire and passion to create all organic soaps and creams with basic organic ingredients.

Natalie Marie is proud to be shipping our all-organic soaps, creams, and oils nationwide.

What Customers Are Saying

If you have a child who needs help with focusing in the classroom and at home while doing homework, I recommend the Focus and Clarity Oil. My son who is 11 years old rubs it on his temples, behind his ears, and on the tip of his fingers on his left hand. He has notice that he is focused in the classroom when he needs to be. We also put drops of the oil into our diffuser at home. Not only does it make our home smell fresh, but we have also noticed that our kids are less distracted. I Love it!!!

My daughter has been in an ourbreak for over two weeks and nothing was seeming to help. I found the Ecxo Cream and applied it to her face and her skin is back to 90% I forgot how great this stuff was!


Glad I found you and extremely happy that you’ve created a product that actually works for “us” and isn’t harmful.

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